Y.A.F.W(yet another family wedding)

Cassie and Anthony

So another family member got married. It’s been a good year for family get together s and this time not only did my Cousins daughter get married but one of my other cousins got to officiate at the ceremony! 

An interesting touch, I had not seen at a wedding recption before was a gaming company was hired to allow people to play casino games and everyone was given bills with the bride and grooms pictures on them to ‘gamble’.

Everyone had a great time, and it was really good to see all the family together again so soon. Even the newest member, Grayson though I believe he slept through most of the ceremony.

You can see the rest of the pictures here: https://captnemo.smugmug.com/Family/Cassie-and-Anthony/


Susanville and Reno

hawk near Susanville

I was fortunate enough to get another trip up North while the weather was still warm. I did some hiking north of Susanville then headed south to witness the bright lights of Reno.


I had some fun when I noticed these streetlights lined up with a mural on a parking garage.

Mural and street lights

One thing I thought was interesting was how the classic Reno sign has been updated while still retaining its signature look:

You can see the rest of the pictures I took here:https://captnemo.smugmug.com/Places/California/Susanville-and-Reno-2018/

It was a fun trip and I really enjoyed taking pictures and comparing how the area has changed.

Hiking the packsaddle trail

img_4739-x3Since one of my friends got introduced to backpacking this summer, I suggested a hike up to packsaddle cave would be a good chance for her to try out her hiking poles. One of her friends was able to join us for the hike and We picked a good day for it as the weather was very pleasant. Of course the steep trail soon had us wishing it was a little cooler but overall it was a great day for a hike and the cave was nice and cool.


We had a great dinner at the brewhouse in Kernville. You can check out the rest of the pictures here: https://captnemo.smugmug.com/Places/California/Packsaddle-trail/

Return to Huntington

I joined my parents for another trip to Huntington. My Dad was attending the Succulent symposium, while my Mom and I would just browse the gardens. We did return to the conference to meet one of the Guest speakers and his wife as they were visiting from Lesotho! Dad wore his Basotho hat for the occasion.


The drive down was uneventful though google’s directions did manage to take us on a route we hadn’t tried before. It was a lovely day to stroll around and check out the gardens.

Mom and I had lunch at the Chinese garden where the food was excellent as always and the ambiance is hard to beat.

Check out the rest of the pictures at: https://captnemo.smugmug.com/Places/California/Los-Angeles-/Huntington-Gardens-2018/


Following the Apricot Festival we loaded up two trucks with pyrotechnic supplies and this time headed east to Silver lake, Baker and the grand finale was the large show at Edwards AFB. Here’s the video of silver lakes.

After Silver lakes we set up at Baker which was a pain in the 115 degree heat and I didn’t get any pictures because then we were off to Edwards to start setting up for the big show.

It was an impressive show. The 8″ mortars launched from steel casings went 1000′ into the air and we could feel the blast from their concussion. Here’s another video:

It was a great 4th of July!