Wild river trip

Weekend before last I had the good fortune to get invited by neighbors up the street, Paul and Kathy, to go river rafting on the American river. We loaded up in their van with Don, Ric. After a brief stop to get their friend Eric and a truck that would be our ride back to the van after rafting we then headed up to the middle fork of the river. We left the truck at the take out spot then headed up to the oxbow powerhouse where we’d put in. From here we had 16-17 miles of river to negotiate with several class iv rapids and the infamous “tunnel chute” where miners dug a tunnel through a hillside and then blasted a chute to divert the river into it. It was a really great trip. I haven’t edited my pictures yet but I shot mostly video from the bow of the boat so I’ve posted a video of our trip.  Rafting the american river video.

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