Just dig it

I made my way up to cave city to Join S&P excavations and help out at the dig in California caverns again. We had a good turn out, thirteen people showed up and while we only pulled 233 buckets of dirt out of the cave, they were removed completely (no stockpiling at the dump site for later) and an entirely new section of track was added, extending the range of digging even further into the cave. I had to chuckle when I heard one of the tours going by, someone exclaimed about the plastic skull sitting at the entrance to the dig, “is it real?” The guide answered with a straight face, “Yes, of course it’s real” then added “real plastic” as they moved off along the trail.

We had a good day of digging followed by a good dinner at good friends buffet, what more could you ask for.

New Track

New Track!

Paul pulls the cart to get new gear installed

Paul pulls the cart to get new gear installed

Buckets, Lots of Buckets

Buckets, Lots of Buckets

Marin Headlands


Golden Gate

Golden Gate viewed from the headlands


Weekend before last, Nick asked if I was interested in going to take some pictures (He just got a new canon 7d) I said sure and since he was also getting a lens from someone in the bay area we decided to head to San Francisco. Nick wanted to shoot some pictures of the Golden Gate and since I’d always wanted to walk out to the light house on the North point we agreed to visit the Marin headlands, then head into the city for a few night shots.

We got a bit of a late start and then had to wait a bit to pick up the lens but we still had plenty of beautiful daylight left when we got to the Marin headlands.  I even managed to get some wildlife shots as there were deer, several small birds and a hawk. I approached the hawk stealthily only to spot a little girl standing directly under it!I then proceeded to walk up to it for some close ups.


Hawk ready for his close up


We finally headed out to the lighthouse only to find we had just made it in time. They were closing up for the day and wouldn’t be allowing more people out across the bridge. We got several pictures then headed into the city for some dinner at fishermans warf and then some night time photography.




Light house

Another view of the light house


First off we enjoyed the sunset during dinner, We were dissapointed to see the minimal lighting on the Golden gate so instead we took pictures of the bay bridge.


Sunset from fishermans warf


Bay bridge

Bay Bridge with San Francisco Belle lit up in front