Eagle attacks photo

While browsing one of my favourite gadget sites – gizmodo, I saw this photo of a man being attacked by a golden eagle.

Eagle attacks

I thought wow what an amazing picture I wonder who took it? Clicking on the links provided did no good though as nowhere did I find the original photographer credited with a link.  I did notice a small copyright on the bottom right corner of the image for V.Zaikin so I searched around and found this blog> © Photo by V. Zaikin which I belive is the photographers blog.  It’s in Russian but don’t let that stop you, you can always use google’s language tools to translate it. The pictures are really wonderful. I noticed from looking at them that the eagle is a trained hunting eagle not a wild bird. Still don’t know why it attacked the cameraman though.   

African Wedding

So right after Thanksgiving,  I was lucky enough to have been asked to be the photographer for a co-worker of mine. It was a great deal of fun. The wedding had elements that reminded me of where I grew up in Malawi and Lesotho but since they’re originally from Sierra Leone it was a new and unique experience for me. Now I just have a ton of pictures to finish  sorting and editing.

The happy couple


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