A couple of weeks ago, I spotted and android tablet at Fry, I’ve been looking at them on-line for awhile now. Picked up a coby kryos M7015 tablet, it’s a little slow and only has the 2.1 OS, which means it doesn’t have full flash support, but I have hope someone will crack that. Following the advice from the android forums over at I was able to get root, and install the full google marketplace(it came installed with an app loader that didn’t have nearly as many apps). I’ve installed a bunch of e-books and movies on it, video playback was the happiest suprise- full hd without a stutter, even has hdmi so I can play it on my tv and used it to show a program with a projector at our caving meeting.
The biggest disappointment was trying to get it to tether with my phone, apparently android won’t connect to ad-hoc wi-fi only AP, so I’ll have to keep working on that.


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