Rippled cave

rippled cave

rippled cave

Since the water levels in Millerton are still too high I had to cancel my plans to check out Millerton cave last weekend but this ment I got to join Ric and Don in leading a couple of new members through Rippled cave. I was particularly anxious to try out a couple of new lights I’d purchased for photography and video purposes. We would be there at the same time as several members from Shasta grotto who’d come south to visit the caves here.

We had a great time crawling our way back to Papkes room, then after lunch headed down into the big room.

Despite the drippy conditions there were no signs of the usual frogs near the entrance though there were a few snails hanging about. After climbing out of the big room we headed off to Black Chasm to check out the wonderful helectites then decided to stop at our favourite Italian restaurant 
Group photo in "the BIg room"

Group photo in "the BIg room"


As usual the food at Gianninis was wonderful and we left in a food induced coma happy to be heading home after a great caving day.

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