I shot an arrow in the air!


long range

long range, who put the target way down there?

No I’m not quoting poetry, since I had recently gotten my archery equipment out of storage, I headed up to Rocklin to check out wilderness sports  and see what sort of new gear was available. Sure enough I walked out of there with a new take down recurve This has an advantage over my traditional recurves in that I can pack it and carry it on my motorcycle a lot easier. Anyway I had to try it out so I headed out to Discovery park. Voila actual shooting of arrows commences.

flying arrow

flying arrow

Now look carefully at the top right of the picture, the yellow and white is the fletching of my new arrow streaking towards the target. Don’t think its heading the correct way?

Check out the next pic.

Bulls eye

Bulls eye

You’ll have to look close but that’s the same arrow dead center of the target.

Now if you’re wondering how I got these shots it’s not magic. I simply spent most of the afternoon shooting arrows at the target. During the course of this I set my G9 on a tripod, set it for auto timer so it would wait 15 seconds then take a burst 0f 10 shots. A little over 600 pics later and I actually had a couple that showed the arrow mid air.  So no magic tricks here. And no fantastic shooting, more then a couple missed the target. One even managed to bury itself so deeply into the grass that there was no sign of it. I and another archer paced the spot it had disappeared at but failed to find it. As I was thinking about leaving though another archer walked over with a metal detector! He loaned it to me and within seconds I had located the missing arrow. Guess I’ll be adding metal detector to my Christmas list. I had also found someone else’s arrow while searching so I gave that one away and another archer gave me a couple he found since they weren’t of a type he used ! Can’t wait to head back for a little more target practice, though I wish we had a range in a park a little closer to home.




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