Last weekend I took my newly fixed up baja bug and headed on down to Bugarama to check out all the other bugs. There was some wonderful looking cars on display and a massive area of parts for sale so I had a great time wandering around. I came to a stop though when I spotted this lowered landrover though.  Wondering a. why would someone lower a landrover and b. why was it at bugarama?

Land Rover

Land Rover

A quick look at the back answered this question.

Air cooled landrover engine?

Air cooled landrover engine?

Yes, that’s an air cooled vw engine. A pretty impressive mod job if I ever saw one.
Later on they started the races and here there really was more to the cars then meets the eye, as some old beat up looking cars srceamed down the track at speeds in excess of 100 mph while some shiny like new cars didn’t do as well.


This VW bus went over 95mph!

This red bug deployed its braking parachute at the start of its run and still finished going over 90mph!

red bug

red bug

I spent a fair bit of the afternoon hanging out with some kind folks who drove up from Manteca and who were nice enough to let me have a seat in the sun shade they’d brought. In spite of that I managed to get to much sun and was a little on the pink side the next day. So notes for next time- bring a chair, bring a sunshade, more sunscreen and more water. Of course then it’ll be raining but hey its worth a try.

Its a dogs life

Its a dogs life!
Everyone seemed to enjoy bugarama

Can’t wait for the next one.

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