Dinner at Oz

And now for something completely different, a post about Oz. No not anything about lost girls from Kansas, small dogs biting witches or wizards who love green decor. This is about Oz korean bbq  This restaurant has been on my list of places to try for a long time but since the all you can eat, cook at your table specials are so much more enjoyable with a group of friends, I had been waiting till several people were all able to go. So finally on a Friday after work off we went. It was fortunate that Yang came along as she knew exactly which cuts of meat were the best to order. Carlos decided to order the pork which she didn’t recommend and sure enough we all agreed we liked the beef better. Cooking at the table was fun though Yang and Linda took over the grill so I didn’t get to cook much. can’t complain though as I certainly ate enough. I was too busy eating to take very many pics but here’s a couple.


yumm, bbq





It was a great dinner and the waiters were very attentive, bringing new grills any time things looked dirty etc.

Dinner included rice salad and an assortment of small sides which really complemented the bbq.

after my long anticipation I was not disappointed by dinner at Oz!

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