Spring Break in Susanville and the Blood Moon.

My motorcycle at a rest stop along the way.

Rest stop along the way


For spring break this year I decided to try a long trip on my motorcycle and headed up to Susanville to see my brother and his family.

Since it’s such a long drive I managed to break it up by stopping off in Sacramento to visit Ric and do a little kayaking

lake natomas

lake Natomas


Driving over Donner pass was a little chilly but overall I had some great weather for riding. Once in Susanville I had a great time, we went hiking on the Biz Johnson trail and Michael and Mathew had a blast getting us to play Mario party.


Along Millers road

Along Millers road/ Biz Johnson trail

We even stayed up late for the Lunar eclipse.

Lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse


Lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse

I almost missed the blood moon as it was getting chilly outside so we all went inside when the moon went dark but I stepped outside right before going to sleep and there it was.

Blood Moon

Blood Moon

For the return trip I decided to take a detour through Yosemite but I’ll write about that later.




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