Los Osos

California Quail calling his heart out California Quail calling his heart out

This spring we took another trip to the coast. This time it was my Dad’s trip as evidenced by our itinerary, Orchid show, visit to a nursery and hunting for a specific type of succulent- a dudlea found in the Elfen forest.

The orchid show was impressive, such a huge variety and so many brilliant colors, hard to decide which to photograph.

Orchid OrchidOrchid show Orchid show

Also since this was our first stop of the day I picked up an excellent breakfast burrito and cup of coffee to start things out while we viewed the flowers.

Next up was a trip out to the Skillins nursery in Arroyo Grande. These are some of the people that we traveled with on our desert trips to Baja so it was fun seeing them again. Unfortunately my parents Prius  decided the steep road was too much and all it’s engine warnings came on. I googled a nearby Toyota dealer who determined it was a coolant pump, a few hours later we were on the road again, yeah toyota!

Skillins green house Skillins green house

in Bloom In bloom

at the Skillins at the Skillins

Since Toyota had done such timely repairs we still had plenty of daylight to head over to the Elfen Forest.

Here I found some great opportunities for pictures , from the coastal waterways, the birds and even the  elfen trees.

water ways water ways

scrub Jay scrub Jay

Dwarf tree in the Elfen Forest. Dwarf tree in the Elfen Forest.

I felt very lucky to get a close up of a California Quail, though I soon found out he wasn’t paying any attention to me so I got several pics.

California Quail California Quail

And we even located the Dudlea Dad wanted to find.

Dudlea Dudlea

So it was a long day but another great adventure.


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