Xin Nian Kuai Le


Little did we know what the year had in store for us in February. We hadn’t seen social distancing and the pandemic was still just a mysterious illness that was affecting a few people. In our blissful ignorance we made our way to what would prove to be one of the last large events we would attend for quite some time.

The drive down to LA was uneventful and we even arrived early enough to get a great parking spot near the center of all the days events.

Since we were early we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at a small bakery in the square and I read up about how Dr Sun had gone to school in Honolulu and had been financially supported by many supporters of the revolution in Los Angeles.


With breakfast out of the way we walked along the shops checking out the things for sale and tried to scope out a good place to watch the parade.


Bruce with Bruce, and Lora in the background

We even got to watch some dragon dancers perform while we waited.

Eventually we picked a spot on the sidewalk and prepared to wait for the parade. LAPD kept the crowd entertained while we waited.

Eventually it was time for the parade!

My favorite part is the dragons.

Afterwards we were pretty hungry so we made our way over to Hong Kong BBQ which served up a delicious meal. It was a great trip and we decided to head home afterwards since we were all pretty tired.

You can see the rest of the pictures here




IMS Long Beach 2019


The International Motorcycle show held in Long beach was a great opportunity for me to check out all sorts of bikes. I particularly enjoyed getting to ride a Zero electric motorcycle, trying out their wheelie sim, checking out the Energica electric motorcycle and riding the Harley live wire on the dynamo.There were also so great electric bicycles to check out and test ride so this was a full day of fun.


By the end of the day I was pretty tired and hungry so I made my way through the convention center and over to shoreline village where I had delicious craw-fish étouffée at Louisiana Charlies and admired the view of the harbor before heading home.




Y.A.F.W(yet another family wedding)

Cassie and Anthony

So another family member got married. It’s been a good year for family get together s and this time not only did my Cousins daughter get married but one of my other cousins got to officiate at the ceremony! 

An interesting touch, I had not seen at a wedding recption before was a gaming company was hired to allow people to play casino games and everyone was given bills with the bride and grooms pictures on them to ‘gamble’.

Everyone had a great time, and it was really good to see all the family together again so soon. Even the newest member, Grayson though I believe he slept through most of the ceremony.

You can see the rest of the pictures here:


Following the Apricot Festival we loaded up two trucks with pyrotechnic supplies and this time headed east to Silver lake, Baker and the grand finale was the large show at Edwards AFB. Here’s the video of silver lakes.

After Silver lakes we set up at Baker which was a pain in the 115 degree heat and I didn’t get any pictures because then we were off to Edwards to start setting up for the big show.

It was an impressive show. The 8″ mortars launched from steel casings went 1000′ into the air and we could feel the blast from their concussion. Here’s another video:

It was a great 4th of July!


Apricot Fiesta

I was lucky enough to get hired to help out with the Pyrotechnics for this years Apricot Fiesta in Patterson.  It was a good sized show which took a little work to set up but since it was electronically fired I was able to take a few pictures while the show was going on.


Assembling and then wiring all this up in the hot sun was the hard part!

Then came the fun part…

Luckily the firemen helped load everything back into the truck so we weren’t there all night.