Traditional Tales

Some time ago a talented artist entrusted me with several sketch books. The plan was to scan the images into the computer for cleaning up in photoshop and preparation for publication. I had gone so far as to have a booklet made but since these are color images, printing cost was a little high to create books of all the stories. I put the project aside hoping to discover a less expensive printing option in the future. Fast forward a few years and I now own an android tablet, then it hits me, here’s a method of distributing color documents that is fast and doesn’t encurr a large amount of overhead. I spent some time reworking three of the stories into a PDF file, created an amazon publishing account and with the authors permission published them as an e-book!

These three stories may strike some as rather harsh, but keep in mind these are, as the title suggests traditional folk tales and so are intended to teach rather harsh lessons for life. The stories are Malawian folk stories as told to the artist by students he was teaching in Malawi. Much like the original Grimms fairy tales these are not the happy ever after stories you may expect. They are entertaining and I think interesting in some of the common themes that appear in stories from other parts of the world.

If you prefer happier endings don’t despair though, as some of the authors original stories are much more cheerfully themed and I’m working on a collection of those to be released on Amazon next. These focus on the adventures of Harvey Rabbit and I hope others will enjoy these as much as I have.