Platform Diver


So I put together a new game, I’ve titled it  ‘Platform diver‘. There’s six levels but the levels are created by a fairly simple json file system so if people enjoy it I may make more.

It has some fairly new javascript/html in it so you’ll need a recent browser like firefox or chrome and while it resizes all right on tablets it’s not playable on my phone and it’s much easier to play with a proper keyboard. Hope you enjoy- here’s how to play:

Use the arrow key to move Nemo. The space bar to jump. Help him reach his working depth for each level (listed on the left side of the screen) and then climb back to the boat to complete that level.

You can pick up tools (wrench) to score points and look for power-ups that heal Nemo if he has been hurt.

You’ll need to avoid the sealife as it can hurt Nemo and cause him to plummet to the depths. If he goes below the assigned working depth you’ll start to lose points so hurry back up.


If Nemo spends too long at depth you’ll need to stop for decompression at 60 feet before returning to the surface.

-Watch for alerts on your dive monitor(left side of screen) and the big decompression bar that appears when you reach 60 feet, if decompression is required.

If Nemo goes up before he is decompressed, he may suffer injury. So be careful!


Play Platform Diver now!

Ingress in Anaheim

While I’ve been keeping busy with school work there’s still been time for my new hobby; Ingress. For those of you who haven’t run into Ingress its a game from Niantic, the makers of Pokemon go. It’s actually been around for several years and the location data is what they used to create the pokestops and gyms. I started playing last year and it was Christmas eve when several of us gathered together to create a massive Christmas star over the city of Bakersfield that I really got into the game. Something about being able to play as a team was very appealing. Since then I’ve been playing regularly and have even joined in some out of town trips to Anaheim (there’s a lot of portals there).

It’s a fun hobby and I look forward to playing for some time to come.




Black Jack!

In case you were wondering how I went about creating my poker game, I’ve written a complete tutorial

on another simple card game, blackjack

You can read through it here (games by captnemo)

and there’s a zip file to download that contains the files used and a small run-able example.

Any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to let me know and If you make something cool be sure and let me know.

What’s the Deal?

As mentioned , I’ve been playing around with programing this summer and completed one project, still got a couple of others I’m working on. Anyway, the one I finished is a simple card game I wrote in C# using visual studio for windows pc’s. Requires .net 4.0. I’ve tested it on windows 7, 8.1 and 10 and seems to work fine let me know if you enjoy it or run into any problems running it.



CaptNemo Poker

CaptNemo Poker

Since this is my first windows program any feedback is appreciated and I expect there will be some problems, but hopefully nothing major.

The cards are all custom, original designs I created.

CaptNemo Poker


New Camera HTC HD2 (yes it does play DOOM!)

So I’ve now had my new phone for a couple of weeks and I’m really enjoying it. It has a 1ghz snapdragon processor and 488mb of memory making it the fastest handheld computer I’ve had so far. The ability to download all sorts of  programs of course makes it especially appealing.  Now while I have the full version of doom that I purchased years ago, and there’s been numerous versions ported to mobile devices, it took a bit of digging to find a version that works correctly with the HD2. The reason being that there’s no joystick type buttons just the touch screen. I finally stumbled across gfdoom which works quite nicely. Next up I recommend visiting XDA developers which has loads of ways to update and customize your phone. They also have plenty of advice if you have questions. For example after loading a bunch of music on the microsd card I noticed the HTC music player kept causing the phone to slow down.I found several suggestions to help speed it back up, the main one being to keep your music sorted in album folders. Though really playing my music on the built in windows media player seems more efficient.The big thing about this device though, is the screen and combined with it’s fast processing makes it ideal for video playback. It came with transformers 1 and 2 on it and I’ve been able to put several movies as well as tv shows on it.So far I’m really happy with it and look forward to trying out linux on it some time in the future though for now I’ve got plenty to tinker with.