Black Jack!

In case you were wondering how I went about creating my poker game, I’ve written a complete tutorial

on another simple card game, blackjack

You can read through it here (games by captnemo)

and there’s a zip file to download that contains the files used and a small run-able example.

Any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to let me know and If you make something cool be sure and let me know.

What’s the Deal?

As mentioned , I’ve been playing around with programing this summer and completed one project, still got a couple of others I’m working on. Anyway, the one I finished is a simple card game I wrote in C# using visual studio for windows pc’s. Requires .net 4.0. I’ve tested it on windows 7, 8.1 and 10 and seems to work fine let me know if you enjoy it or run into any problems running it.



CaptNemo Poker

CaptNemo Poker

Since this is my first windows program any feedback is appreciated and I expect there will be some problems, but hopefully nothing major.

The cards are all custom, original designs I created.

CaptNemo Poker



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