Quakelive Lives! (well sort of)

The new web based game Quakelive, playable in a web browser and based on the classic quake 3 arena game, has moved on from closed beta to open beta. This means that anyone can sign up and try out this new phenomena, almost. The effort has been greeted with such enthusiasm that for now there is a ‘queue’ that you must wait in before playing- several people have reported waiting hours. I waited about twenty minutes before being taken to the introductory match with crash. They’ve had to turn off stat recording for now due to the heavy demand, but once things calm down and they get a feel for the amount of players I imagine things will work better. I had a hard time finding a match to play in. Despite the browser supposedly filtering out full games the first few matches I tried to join were already full. When I finally joined a match it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the newly polished look of the quake 3 maps and weapons. Especially in full screen it really looked quite nice and was quite responsive. Next up I wan’t to try it on my eee pc (which plays the original quake3 very well).


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