Trundling through Trona


Since I had to drive out to Ridgecrest, I decided to continue along the eastern side of the Sierras and visit Trona. I had lunch at the Old Fox movie theater which has been converted to Esparza’s restaurant . I had a burrito which was excellent. img_5241-x3

Next I headed out to Trona Pinnacles. This iconic landscape has been used for quite a few movies usually for sci fi scenes trying to portray other worldly landscapes.



Next I drove past Valley Wells and stopped at Ballarat. This ‘town’ names itself as a ghost town but since there’s still someone living there I don’t know if it really qualifies. There are some old ruined buildings and a lot of feral donkeys running around though.

My final stop before heading home was along the edge of Death Valley where I got to watch some fighter jets training in the canyon. I didn’t get any pictures of them. Though I did spot a coyote as I was heading out so I got one last set of pics.



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i-c5bfq8c-x3While visiting Washington D.C. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hop on a boat so I took a ride up the Potomac to Georgetown. I started out checking out the waterfront while I waited for the boats departure time.


Georgetown itself is worth a visit. A quaint college community, it houses some of the oldest buildings in the D.C. area. I had an enjoyable day wandering around finding things to photograph and a coffee shop to hang out in for awhile. Then it was time to make my way back to the waterfront for the ferry ride back to downtown.





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I managed to have a free afternoon while visiting Washington D.C. so I decided to walk over to see Arlington cemetery. A couple of points, One- it’s a fairly long walk from downtown to Arlington, Two- it’s a huge place when you get there and a long way up to the top of the hill. I probably would have been well served to ride the metro to the Arlington station and take advantage of the shuttles the drive around the cemetery. My feet were pretty sore the next day. It felt right somehow to walk slowly and quietly without the throng of people that were bustling about most places I went, though so I persevered.

One advantage of walking quietly was that Arlington is a surprisingly good place to do some bird watching.


Since it was spring time there were plenty of things in bloom as well.

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Sully plantation and Air and Space

Curios Groundhog

Curios Groundhog

When visiting Washington D.C. one thing that was on my to do list was to see the Air and Space Museum. Turns out there are two locations, one near downtown D.C and one out by Dulles airport. The one out by the airport is the larger more impressive collection so I headed out there. On the way I spotted signs for the Sully plantation so I stopped to check it out. Turned out it was a nice place to walk around and see some of the local wildlife as well as a few historical buildings. Then it was on to the Areo planes!



As advertised the place was huge and one could spend an enormous amount of time checking out all the displays. I spent the afternoon taking pictures and really had a good time. You can check out the rest of the pictures


Susanville and Reno

hawk near Susanville

I was fortunate enough to get another trip up North while the weather was still warm. I did some hiking north of Susanville then headed south to witness the bright lights of Reno.


I had some fun when I noticed these streetlights lined up with a mural on a parking garage.

Mural and street lights

One thing I thought was interesting was how the classic Reno sign has been updated while still retaining its signature look:

You can see the rest of the pictures I took here:

It was a fun trip and I really enjoyed taking pictures and comparing how the area has changed.