New Camera HTC HD2 (yes it does play DOOM!)

So I’ve now had my new phone for a couple of weeks and I’m really enjoying it. It has a 1ghz snapdragon processor and 488mb of memory making it the fastest handheld computer I’ve had so far. The ability to download all sorts of  programs of course makes it especially appealing.  Now while I have the full version of doom that I purchased years ago, and there’s been numerous versions ported to mobile devices, it took a bit of digging to find a version that works correctly with the HD2. The reason being that there’s no joystick type buttons just the touch screen. I finally stumbled across gfdoom which works quite nicely. Next up I recommend visiting XDA developers which has loads of ways to update and customize your phone. They also have plenty of advice if you have questions. For example after loading a bunch of music on the microsd card I noticed the HTC music player kept causing the phone to slow down.I found several suggestions to help speed it back up, the main one being to keep your music sorted in album folders. Though really playing my music on the built in windows media player seems more efficient.The big thing about this device though, is the screen and combined with it’s fast processing makes it ideal for video playback. It came with transformers 1 and 2 on it and I’ve been able to put several movies as well as tv shows on it.So far I’m really happy with it and look forward to trying out linux on it some time in the future though for now I’ve got plenty to tinker with.

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