Everybody loves a parade!

Everybody loves a parade!

llamas love parades!

llamas love parades!

This weekend I made my way downtown to check out the Sacramento Santa Parade. Living in the mild climes of California it’s sometimes difficult to get a feel for winter Holidays- No white Christmas here, but the parade made it feel a little more like Christmas.

Cool cars

Cool cars

I particularly enjoyed the line up of cool cars that participated, mostly Corvettes sine the local Corvette club appeared to be supporting the parade but there were also the lowriders, Wild Bills race car, and the giant shopping cart hot rod. The high school bands did some great interpretations of Christmas classics and the crowd really seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Grinch loves a parade!

Grinch loves a parade!

There was a brief delay when I think someone may have been injured as I spotted an ambulance but the show went on and it wasn’t too long before Santa and Misses Clause made their appearence marking the end of the parade.

Bye Santa!

Bye Santa!


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