New Year of Vehicles

Land Rover

Land Rover

Since the bug is in the shop undergoing several transformations- switching from swing arm to IRS, raising the front, adding roll bars, roof rack etc. It may be awhile till I get it back on the road. In the meanwhile I purchased a used land rover Discovery. As with any used vehicle there’s plenty of things that need repairing. First up the ABS light was on and after driving to Folsom it had over heated. So looks like I need a new front sensor for the ABS and a replacement thermostat hopefully took care of the temperature problem. I’m still looking for a used good sensor though. I also got a set of new tires and allignment done. Hopefully that’ll keep me on the road for awhile. While that was going on I rode my Bicycle across town a couple of times so I’ve gotten in a good start to my bicycling for 2012 already. Next up I wanted to be sure the Land Rover would handle a little offroad driving so I headed out to prairie city to try the 4×4 course. I didn’t attempt to climb any of the large rock obstacles they set up but did drive around in the dirt and had plenty of fun driving through the new water/mud obstacle. I watched several rock crawlers going over the rocks and the some motorcyclists had a go at it. I had enough mud for one day though and headed home. Washing the mud off afterward was a whole ‘nother challenge as three rinses later I was still finding mud.

water crossing]

water crossing

Little Muddy eh?

Little Muddy eh?


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