A Capital good time


I had the opportunity to do a little traveling in the D.C/Virginia part of the country this year. I spent a great deal of time walking around the usual tourist stops, the capital building, capital mall etc. and really had a good time taking pictures of everything. I also became pretty familiar with the metro system and found the metro card which allows for bus and train travel to be a handy way of getting around town.

IMG_9717-X3 One evening I spotted a car all lit up on display along the capital mall. It was the original 1968 ford mustang from the movie ‘Bullit’ starring Steve McQueen which has been recently re-released online.

Turns out Farragut square(yes Farragut-‘damn the torpedoes’,that guy) is a good place for lunch. Food trucks with just about any type of food you can dream up park all around the square and there were plenty of park benches to stop and enjoy my food.(I had a falfael salad, but since there was everything from cheeseburgers to Hawaiian tacos? I really had a lot to choose from.

Walking around Washington D.C the Washington monument is the most noticeable landmark. You can spot it from almost any part of town.

I managed to find a few things besides the usual tourist spots to photograph!

You can check out all the rest of the pics I took here.


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