Trundling through Trona


Since I had to drive out to Ridgecrest, I decided to continue along the eastern side of the Sierras and visit Trona. I had lunch at the Old Fox movie theater which has been converted to Esparza’s restaurant . I had a burrito which was excellent. img_5241-x3

Next I headed out to Trona Pinnacles. This iconic landscape has been used for quite a few movies usually for sci fi scenes trying to portray other worldly landscapes.



Next I drove past Valley Wells and stopped at Ballarat. This ‘town’ names itself as a ghost town but since there’s still someone living there I don’t know if it really qualifies. There are some old ruined buildings and a lot of feral donkeys running around though.

My final stop before heading home was along the edge of Death Valley where I got to watch some fighter jets training in the canyon. I didn’t get any pictures of them. Though I did spot a coyote as I was heading out so I got one last set of pics.



You can see all the pics I took here



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