Do you feel the need, the need for speed?


Bakersfield is known for a few things but the two most frequently mentioned are Country music and racing. I hadn’t been to the Speedway in a long time but it was an enjoyable outing and there are not too many other places you can see cars go this fast on a dirt track anymore. Next time though I’ll probably bring better hearing protection as my ears were ringing for awhile afterwards.

There were a few dramatic crashes but everyone walked away so looked like no permanent harm was done. I’m sure they can bang that right out before the next race 🙂



Día de Muertos


Since there’s no travelling right now I’ll try to catch up on the pictures I took last year. For October I was kindly given some tickets at work for the festival at the Kern County Museum so I persuaded some of my family to come check out the festivities.

The colorful costumes, makeup, dancing and singing made this a great event to attend. There were all sorts of vendors selling things as well including the traditional candy skulls. We agreed that we had a great time and we should attend again, before we headed for home.