Seasons Greetings from Captain Nemo

Another year goes by, I’ve mostly spent the year adding to the number of photographs I’ve taken on my travels. I never imagined at the start of the year that not only would I spend two weeks in Guadalajara and a week in Florida but that I would return to Mexico for a week in Peurto Penasco for a week of relaxing by the beach before summer was over. Now I’m looking at travelling yet again, not until next July though. Hopefully to see the giant caves of Northern Mexico before attending the National Speleology and International Congress’s convention being held in Kerrville Texas.
I’ve added my new calendar design of my Mexico Pictures to my Cafepress store only time will tell if it’s as successful as my Guatemala one has been. I found out that a bug on the cafepress website has caused the profile/link to my other designs to fail or even go to other peoples stores! Hopefully they fix it or I have to start writing another way for other people to find my other designs.


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