Cactus V4 Flash trigger

Cactus V4 radio trigger/reciever

I thought I’d write about my latest photography tool- Cactus V4 radio triggers.  I recently purchased several recievers and a couple of transmiters from MPEX.  The transmiter fits on the hotshoe of my canon slr or G9 cameras, the recievers are attached to my flash units either to the hot shoe of my vivitar flashes or via pc cable connection to my sunpak 622.

Nick and I tested them as working well at a distance of around 100 feet with no problem. Then for the real test- how would they perform for cave photography? Well all the shots I took this last weekend in rippled cave were taken using the cactus triggers and I was quite pleased with the results.

For a more detailed look at the cactus V4’s check out


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