SunPak 622

I’m continually on the search for a better light source. For cave photography it’s hard to beat flash bulbs- large amount of light and slow burn time really works well for large areas and the output/weight ratio is good for packing in your cave pack. Since nobody manufactures the regular flash bulb anymore though we’re dealing with a finite supply. I’ve experimented with several small flash units and even adapted small 110v studio slaves to battery for portable use.

With some pretty good results.

But still hadn’t found a great portable light. I picked up a used Sunpak 622 and I think I’ve found the light! 🙂

Here’s a shot taken with a couple of regular flashes


regular flashes

regular flashes


Same camera settings with the 622

with sunpak 622

with sunpak 622

Another shot without the 622

without sunpak

without sunpak

and with the 622

with sunpak 622

with sunpak 622

So far I’m very happy with this flash.

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