WEP security

Having used an old linksys router that only had wep encryption for years I had happily gone on using wep for wifi even though I had heard it wasn’t secure. I recently stumbled on the Backtrack distirbution of Linux though and read about how it could be used to crack wep encryption. I downloaded a copy to an SD card, inserted it into my eeepc and in a matter of minutes It was displaying the key to my router! Now I understand that there are ways to use this distro to crack WPA keys as well but since the time involved is quite a bit more, it certainly seems like a better option. I’ve since replaced my linksys router with a netgear one that even encourages opensource updates to the software. Now if I can just find a velociraptor proof fence I’ll know I’m completely secure.


One thought on “WEP security

  1. Yeah, WEP was never really purported as “security” per se. I definitely suggest running WPA. Aircrack-ng Suite is awesome for cracking WEP. Your wifi card also has to support certain technical capabilities though, simply having Backtrack 3 will not guarantee your ability to crack WEP alone.

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