My bug

Shortly after I bought my new baja bug, I was rear-ended which put my car in the shop for a couple of weeks, but I got it back looking shiny and new! Since then I’ve done numerous small repairs, replaced the flasher unit, added a new stereo and kicker panels for the front speakers, new headlights, new battery, a new voltage regulator, replaced the stop plate for the shifter. For Christmas I drove it up to see James, Emily and Michael in Greenville. We had fun driving through the snow up a forest service road so we could do some snowshoeing.
In Greenville

Ready to snowshoe

Ready to snowshoe

I’ve also re-painted the dash and bought matching seat covers and a steering wheel cover. Last weekend I changed the oil, put on some new air filters and a new fuel filter. It seems to be running well, I added some bigger wheels and tires on the back then Ric and I tested it out in the mud at Prarie city. We had a lot of fun offroading for a bit, then it was time to head home and wash it all off.

One thought on “My bug

  1. I then adjusted the points which I had paid for already and after pouring gas down the carb the ..engine would fire but would not stay running. I then elevated the new hose and poured more gas into it.The ..motorstarted right up.

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