It’s a Banksy!

Banksy airstrike?

Banksy airstrike?

While waiting for the parade in China town last weekend I took a break from enjoying the festivities to enjoy some excellent dim sum. As I sat there eating I heard someone say “If at first you don’t succeed call in an air strike.”

Since this is  an unusual saying I followed their gaze out the window and saw a familiar looking style of graffiti on a nearby wall.  I recognized it because just last year I had watched “Exit through the gift shop” a documentary about a film makers search for the elusive “Banksy” and other graffiti artists. It’s an interesting film and won several awards. I searched the web to confirm this piece was done by Banksy and then showed it to the couple I had overheard discussing it.

Pageant Beauties

Pageant Beauties

Continuing on my way through China town I ran into the lovely ladies from the Chinatown beauty pageant selling raffle tickets as part of a fundraiser, for some reason I was compelled to buy a couple. Always a sucker for a pretty face I guess.

Sign of the times

Sign of the times

I spotted this guy holding up a sign alongside the street festival, really couldn’t make heads or tales of his message but I thought the picture of Kirk and Spock was a nice touch.

I’ll be posting the parade pictures next and then maybe I’ll take a stab at editing all the video I shot.

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