Hunt the grid


Bike kitchen

Bike kitchen

           While talking to Ron he asked if I’d be interested in going on a scavenger hunt I said sure.  This one was a little different though since it was put on by the Sacramento Bike kitchen and so we were to ride our bikes around midtown during second saturday in search of clues.

Elephant sighting

Elephant sighting! The lady in the middle wondered why people were taking her picture till she got to scavenger hunt photo item- an Elephant!

Don't open your packets yet!

Don’t open your packets yet!

   I decided to ride from my home in Carmichael as I’ve ridden downtown in the past. Couple of things I did not take into account though:

1. There was a tremendous wind blowing against me the whole way there and back!

2. We would put in a lot of riding during the hunt(especially since I led our group pretty far out of our way oops)

3. There was a great party afterwards.

All this conspired to have me arrive home a little late and very tired but really it was a great day.

Bike Challenge

Niether Bryan or I completed this challenge of carrying a loaded tray of glasses while riding around obstacles. They gave me a point for trying though 🙂

fat tire bike

The lucky winner of the fat tire bike. I don’t think they let him keep the Derby girls though.


American river

Crossing the American River on the way home



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