So long and thanks for all the chips.

And peroshkis, samosas, kebabs, dim sum……..

One of the things I’m definetly going to miss besides all the fantastic people I’ve met here in Sacramento is the food.

Living here we tend to take it for granted but we are very lucky to have such a wide variety of cusine. I won’t be able to visit all my favourite restaurants before I leave, time money and my stomach won’t allow it. I’ll try to hit up several and write them all up here. Not in any particular order I’m afraid. ‘Ill even throw in a write up about some I dont get to this time around.

Since there’s so many good restaurants in the area I’ll start off just by listing some in no particular order

OZ on Bradshaw in Rancho Cordova, try the various meat you grill yourself at your table, yumm.

Grilling at OZ

Grilling at OZ

Cafe Orleans in Old Sacramento, best spot in town for gumbo,  etc

Indo cafe in old Sacramento, great Indonesian food, just for fun ask for “the gatekeeper'(it’s not a food item)

Pyramid ale on is a good place to go for a beer and sandwich, I recommend the beer sampler though we didn’t like the apricot ale the rest were great.

La flor Pupusas grill on Fulton ave is my favorite spot for tamales and pupusa.

Sher-E-Punjab on Fair Oaks blvd in Carmichael has some good Indian food its a buffet and I’ve gone there quite a bit since its so close.

Firebird restaurant on Manzanita in Carmichael has a wonderful lunch buffet, a good way to try different Russian dishes, I really like the cabbage rolls.

Silver garden and Mongolian BBQ on Madison Ave. is the place to go for Mongolian bbq and you can always order off the menu for those who prefer other dishes.

If your looking for a great burger you cant go wrong with California burger on auburn blvd in Citrus Heights and they have a wonderful Greek salad.

Lalo’s restaurant on 24th st has fantastic authentic Mexican dishes, I really liked the Molcajete




So do you have a favorite place to eat? Let me know in the comments so I can check it out the next time I’m in the area 🙂


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