Forest Glen

campsite visitor

campsite visitor

Last weekend we headed up to Trinity county to see some of the caves in the Forest Glen area.  It’s a bit of a drive but Ric and I were able to squeeze in the truck with Tom and Karole so that saved some gas and helped make the time go by quicker. We stopped at Los Mariachis in Redbluff where Tom and I ordered molcajete’s. This time though I had a seafood one with scallops in it!

On the way to the campground it was raining pretty hard but it cleared up before we got there, so Ric and I could set up our tents.  The next day we visited a couple caves and had a great time. Then as it was raining pretty hard we headed to Hayfork for dinner. The diner had a  surprisingly large menu so everyone found something they liked. Sunday we headed out to see natural bridge which was quite impressive. All in all a good MLG weekend.

Admiring formations

Admiring formations

We had fun can you tell?

We had fun can you tell?

a pleasent evening round the fire

a pleasant evening round the fire

An impressive natural bridge
An impressive natural bridge

See the rest of the pictures I took here.

6 thoughts on “Forest Glen

  1. haya. just looking at these pictures, and i was wondering what you were whareing underground? the guy on the right looks like hes in a jacket and trousers kind of combo, and i wanted to know if thats standard gear in california and what the pros and cons of it are, or if your mate just forgot an oversuit?

    • We usually wear coveralls but a lot depends on the cave/ conditions. This trip we were planning on warm weather (it was pleasently cooler then we were expecting) and the cave is a fairly short one, without a lot of water, unless you count the mud, so light clothing worked just fine.

      • wow. uk caves really arnt suitable for cotten. we spend our entire lives debating th merets of pvc (waterproof, but a bit hof for those under 30 in dry caves and not as durable) and codura. dont you find cotten rips?

      • Just depends on the cave- most here in California are warm enough and small enough that simple cotton coveralls are fine, we’ve used pvc in some of the wetter ones, though our caves are squeezy enough that they get shredded pretty fast, so cordura’s usually a better choice for those. After caving in Mexico I hope to do more large caves south of the border and use cordura shorts as its way to warm there for a full suit 🙂
        A lot depends on the individual too though as some people get warmer a lot faster. I tend to layer under my coveralls as photography gets pretty chilly after awhile. Anyway the cotton ones seem to last pretty well- especially if you sew the pockets closed(thats where they usually catch and tear) Just remember to get bright red ones- they look better in pictures 😉

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