Millerton cave

There was a trail of blood on the ground leading to the campsite. After a trip into the middle section of Millerton cave, facing rattlesnakes and floating dead bodies, the blood was of little concern to us. I plunged a fork into the exposed flesh and tossed another steak on the grill. Mmm that smelled good. Nothing like a good juicy bbq steak and corn on the cobb dinner following a days caving. Ric, Don and I lounged around the bbq waiting eagerly for our dinner to be done. Ron and Tracy had already left since they weren’t planning on camping they’d started their drive home soon after we got back from the cave.

Large wasp along the trail

Large wasp along the trail

Following our adventurous river trip the previous weekend what was their to do then another river trip- this time underground. Ric, Don and I drove down to the campsite Friday night so we could get an early start Saturday morning before it got too warm.

Ron and Tracy arrived Saturday morning as we were finishing breakfast and off to the cave we went, we say several large wasps, and an interesting spider along the way.  We started out visiting the short lower section where we saw several frogs then moved on to the middle section. In the middle section we had a bit of a surprise as Don and Ric spotted a small snake- When I stopped to take it’s picture I realized it was a rattlesnake that must have fallen in the stream. We were all careful to avoid it. A little further upstream we found a small pool full of  several dead rats and mice. Perhaps the snake had been in pursuit when it tumbled in.

All in all a very enjoyable trip though once more we did not go all the way through the middle section.

The rattlesnake in the water

The rattlesnake in the water

Ric at hte entrance to the slot out of the pool

Ric at the entrance to the slot out of the pool


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