Prarie city mud

Prairie city mud

The Annual Brug Dadford formal caving event was postponed due to inclement weather (though really a forced march in the rain might be an improvement over struggling with heat and dehydration ) Luckily I was able to put the wet weather to good use though as i joined “NorCal Baja’s” for an outing to Prairie City OHVP. We had a good time driving around in the mud and even more fun getting stuck. Fortunately Eddie was there with his truck to give folks an occasional assist, though I was a little worried when his truck settled into the mud and refused to move. Then it was time for the big wheeled Jeep to come in and lend an assist. Soon after that it was time to head out to Carl’s Jr for some burgers and a chance to warm up.

Oh and I shot some video of the fun

My bug

My bug

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