Power House


After diving at salt point Mark and I decided to try something a little closer to home next and did a short dive at the Folsom powerhouse. This spot drops off into the channel carved in the rock leading into lake Natomas and so presents a nice spot for Mark to adjust his bouyancy and practice getting comfortable in the water. Vis wasn’t great, only 3 feet or so in the very green algae filled water. I planned to swim upstream a little so we wouldn’t have to fight the current to get out, but found the current a little strong out towards the middle so we followed the shore a little closer until I found a spot where the current was a little gentler. Here we were able to descend down to around 40 feet and follow the bottom for a bit. The water temp was fairly cool (around 46 degrees farenheit) and there wasn’t much to see except for an errant shopping cart. Still we had an enjoyable dive and it made for a good morning. Didn’t take many pictures but did shoot some video you can check out at http://captnemo.smugmug.com/Underwater/Video/16205177_kMPdd#1215584191_RqpZc-A-LB


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