Salt Point

bat star

bat star

One of my co-workers recently completed his scuba diving certification and was anxious to try it out. For the OW (open water) cert. they had done their dives at Folsom lake, but I agreed to take him to Salt Point for some real ocean diving. The first obstacle we faced was the fact that diving at Grestle cove (the marine sanctuary at Salt point state park) is best at high tide, and for Saturday that was around 4 in the morning, we decided to go on Sunday instead and to wait till daylight which would be an hour or two after high tide at around 7am. This meant we were leaving Sacramento at 3 in the morning, bleeah. Still we made it right on time and enjoyed a glorious sunrise as we suited up.

curious seal

curious seal

A curious seal came to check us out as we got in the water. Mark still has to get accustomed to all the gear and getting tossed around in the surge a little, we both agreed he could use a little more weight on a weight belt instead of the integrated weight system he was using, but we had a good couple of dives and even though the visibility wasn’t the best still saw plenty of cool marine life. A truly excellent day and after a couple of dives we still had plenty of daylight to get home and wash our gear.

Grestle cove

A georgeous day at Grestle Cove, Salt Point SP


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