No Dig yet?



The last years strange weather has really messed up the dig schedule at cave city-
Besides ending the season early last year due to early rains bringing on the flooding, we still weren’t able to continue digging at the BBQ in August! Scott was doing some cleanup in the cave though so I gave him a hand pulling the fans and lights that had been sacraficed to the cave gods during last years flood. The cave was no longer full of water though the mud was still very wet and heavy. We tested the electrical and got some lights working then I pulled a few buckets out that had been filled with water as well as mud so they were pretty heavy. Finally we called it quits and joined everyone for the BBQ. There was a pretty good turn out and even Bill riding with Morley showed up.
The usual volley ball game was played after dinner and most folks went to check out the cave afterwards. They returned so late in fact that we decided to forgo the previously planned slide show. Still everyone had a good time and I look forward to future BBQ’s.

Dave plays with his balls again

Dave plays with his balls again


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