Monterey and an undersea cave.

Harbor Seal

Harbor Seal


Mark and I finally got together for another trip to the coast this month. This time we decided to try a trip on the Silver Prince. We had to leave Sacramento pretty early to drive down to Monterey but we were both looking forward to diving so we agreed to give it a go.

It was a good day for diving, overcast but not windy and only a slight swell on the ocean. We wound up diving near Carmel on ling reef first then further south near pebble beach. Mark wasn’t feeling well after the first dive so he sat out the second but got back in the swing of things in time for the third dive of the day.  It was then that we got to visit a small ‘swim through’ cave. Using my new dive light underwater really helped highlight the bright colors that you can’t see without a light at depth. I didn’t shoot any still photographs in the cave because I was shooting video  but you can see the video here





Sun flower sea star

Sun flower sea star


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