Bridge au Naturale

Natural Bridges

Natural Bridges

Well this last weekend found us heading out for some caving at Natural Bridges. It was a small group as only four of us went but the weather was perfect and we had a great time. Since the weather was nice and cool we headed straight up the hill for a little caving and climbing. Marianne led us right to the correct spots which I with my trusty gps will try to recall for future trips. After investigating the registers one was ruined by moisture and poking around a little it was time to head back down to the main cave so I could get wet.

Inspecting the wet register

Inspecting the wet register

When we arrived at the upper section of Natural bridges there were quite a few people picnicking there but due to the cooler weather no one ventured into the water. I had planned ahead though and brought along my wet suit so it wasn’t long before I was wading out to take a look. Since the rest of our group wasn’t prepared to brave to water I limited my self to poking around near the entrance, taking a couple of pictures where there was a  good stream of water pouring out of a fissure in the ceiling. I swam briefly past the section where the cave begins to get narrow until I could see the light at the upper entrance. Then I backtracked to the entrance where the water was shallower.  Meanwhile Marianne led the others on down to the lower section of cave and they were able to check that out without needing to get wet. Marianne came speeding back remarking that there was now a decent trail going down to the lower section. Then headed back to tell the others I was out of the water but had decided not to go down to the lower section since my camera batteries were completely depleted. By the time they made their way back I had dried off and was able to pack up my gear for the trip back up to the parking area. Once more I was glad of the cooler weather as the pack I was carrying, filled with wetsuit(now wet), vertical gear, caving gear, camera gear etc. was getting pretty heavy.

Group photo at the entrance

Group photo at the entrance

 It wasn’t long though before we crested the ridge in time to enjoy a great sunset and head out for some delicious chinese food in Angels camp.


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