Turkey in the straw

wild turkey

wild turkey

After my parents had gone up to Greenville to see my new nephew, Mathew, they stopped in Sacramento on their way back to Bakersfield.

My Mother suggested going for a walk so I took them down to my favourite place for a stroll, Effie Yeaw nature preserve.

My Mom commented she had meant maybe we could go for a walk to a mall to go shopping but she seemed to enjoy the trail and a stop at the nature center anyway.We passed a few deer as we walked along. My Dad commented that we’d seen several wild turkeys along the road on the way in and he’d like to stop and take some pictures if we saw them on the way back, but this one obliged by walking along the trail right where we were walking back from the pond.

Dad shoots a Turkey

Dad shoots a Turkey

When we returned to the nature center we were greeted with another pleasant surprise as they had a rescued red shouldered hawk out for some exercise.

red shouldered hawk

red shouldered hawk

It was a beautiful bird and I enjoyed watching it for awhile and then it was time to head out in search of something to eat.

Turkey vulture soaring

Turkey vulture soaring,


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