Same town different day

All Aboard

All Aboard,
well maybe not, this ones just a model.

This place is Da'Bomb!

Hard to believe I’ve lived in Sacramento for as long as I have and never eaten at the local institution that is Fannie Ann’s. Admittedly it still wasn’t my goal to go there this last weekend, but I’m glad we did. Our primary destination was in honor of Doug’s birthday. The annual death march to Crystal Palace was cancelled since the late rain made the roads a mess. So instead he opted to check out the railroad museum in Old Sac, which Tom and I were only to happy to join him.

Sacramento railroad museum

Look out its a leprechaun

Of course we had neglected to take into account that it was St. Patrick’s day and so our arrival in old Sac. was delayed by the large amount of traffic heading to the parking to go and watch the parade.

Even so it wasn’t long before Tom found a parking spot and we were headed over to check out the trains.

The railroad museum had plenty of visitors though I suspect it was a lot less crowded since so many people were outside to watch the parade and we had a great time perusing the amazing array of steel behemoths.

Steam locomotive

Steam locomotive

The ‘train simulator’ that gives the impression of being on an actual moving train was still there and I always enjoy walking through that one, we were disappointing to note the absence of the exhibit where you could walk under the train and see what it looked like from beneath. I was surprised to note the gauges on most of the steam boilers only went up to 300psi but Doug explained that it was large volumes not high pressures that moved the enormous pistons with the surprisingly short strokes that drove the wheels along. We also noted the sand tubes that helped to provide traction to get the trains moving along the smooth steel rails. It wasn’t too long before we had worked up enough of an appetite to brave the crowd watching the parade in search of food.

St. Patricks Parade

St. Patrick's Parade

It was then that Tom mentioned Fannie Ann’s. It turned out to be an excellent choice.I even got to take a couple pictures of the parade on the way over. The special of the day was a very tasty corned beef sandwich.

Inside Fannie Anns

Inside Fannie Ann's

While we ate I enjoyed checking out the eclectic decor. After lunch we returned to the museum and continued to check out the trains for awhile before deciding to head home. It was a great way to spend the day.

articulated steam locamotive

articulated steam locomotive
With Doug for scale.

This thing was Huge!


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