A lapse in time

A few weeks ago it was time for me to retire my trusty HD2 phone and to delve into the world of new smart phones, the HD2 had served me well for over two years and still functioned but only on speaker phone, since it was out of contract it seemed a good idea to get a new phone instead of trying to get it repaired.  I have had a really good experience with my android tablet so an android smart phone seemed like a good match. I chose the Samsung S3 and so far it’s been a great phone, I really like the fact that Samsung makes a card reader/usb attachment so I can directly download things to the phone  from sd cards and usb drives as well as use usb devices like speakers, keyboards and mice. I haven’t been able to get a hold of the necessary MHL cable but am hoping I’ll be able to connect it to a tv or projector for slideshows when I do.
On to the point of this post though- I  downloaded one of several apps that allow you to set your android phone as a time lapse camera and played around with it this weekend- here’s the results, disclaimer- the still shots at the end were not shot with the s3 but with my Olympus, also there is no HD version of the time lapse clips as I was using a free app that only allows high res if you upgrade which I may do once I come up with a tripod mount that allows me to hold the phone still for a longer period of time.

Apparently this video doesn’t show up on wordpress in all browsers so here’s a link to it on my smugmug site Video of Sacramento


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