Its that time of year again.  The time when folks go out in droves to hunt down that dangerous prey, the Halloween pumpkin! Of course this must only be done in a sincere pumpkin patch or the great pumpkin will not appear. My Brother and his family were in town for my nephews  dental  appointment so we headed out to Wheatland where we were sure to find a sincere pumpkin patch at Bishops farms.

Sincere pumpkin patch

Sincere pumpkin patch

This looked promising but after sizing up the pumpkin my sister in law had to let Michael know either the pumpkin could go home with them or he could, there just wasn’t room in the car for both so he’d need to select a smaller victim.


nephews, now wait a minute, how many nephews do I have again?

There was also all sorts of entertainment for the family, a train for the kids, live music, corn maze, sunflower labyrinth, slides etc.

I know I was pretty tired by the time we found more appropriately sized pumpkins and headed back to the cars but it was a fun day.

Sunflower labyrinth

Sunflower labyrinth

More pumpkins

More pumpkins

It's the great pumpkin!

It’s the great pumpkin!



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