Big Bird

Got an eye on you?

Got an eye on you?

My Aunt suggested a trip out of town to check out an Ostrich farm. This turned out to be a marvelous idea.

While it was chilly in Tehachapi, it was a beautiful sunny day making for some great scenery on our way there.

We started out with feeding the ostriches and that was fun for the kids, especially when the greedy birds tried to snatch the bowls away.


Feed the birds

Feed the birds

After a short walk around the farm we stopped at a pen to meet the ostrich celebrities.

Ostrich Celebrity

Ostrich Celebrity

This bird has starred in music videos!

Getting acquainted

Getting acquainted

After our tour we visited the gift shop where they had loads of ostrich related products, feathers, eggs, even ostrich oil which is described as having all sorts of benefits when used on your skin.

finally we headed into town for lunch at the ‘Burger spot’. A great wind up to a fun outing!



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