Posts searches and the Internetz

Ventura Pirates Ventura Pirates

So I admit it, I enjoy browsing through the stats on my blog trying to see where folks have come from when they stumble onto my little corner of the internet. I have to say though that the search terms that lead people here sometimes baffle me. Here’s a few recent search terms:

yellow baja bug    
haunted castle halloween    
jenny springs florida cave    
eagle photographer attacked    
map of captain nemo’s voyage    
images spooky tower    
ventura pirates    
sea caves pirate  
tortoise log
auburn photo locations
auburn sunset    
dawn center indian falls apple picking    
cactus v4 triggers and couple    
trail driving with baja bug    
what snakes are on isla holbox, mexico    
pictures of captain nemos cabin    
captain nemo’s prague    
pictures of posey cave blountsville alabama    
bow and arrow grass caving    
back door cave channel islands    
birds mono lake    
captain nemo’s log    
lowered landrovers    
bird in mono lake    
captain nemos mexico    
captain nemo information    
captain nemo’s house in morro bay, ca.

Now going through them most are quite obvious: i.e.

 Yellow Baja Bug Yellow Baja Bug

Haunted Castle Halloween Haunted Castle Halloween

Some though were less then obvious, I have no pictures of “posey cave blountsville alabama ”   however I did post on Cavechat shortly after this post” So I assume that’s how the search engine came to the conclusion I might have.

I have no idea what “bow and arrow grass caving” might be referring to and my attempts to follow this search back to my webpage proved fruitless so perhaps that was one of those strange coincidences that led them there?

“Tortoise log”? that’s a strange term but I assume the search engine found my pics of traveling on the “Green Tortoise bus” and combined the fact that I wrote about it in my Log.

most of the rest of them are pretty straight forward so I’ll just leave you with this

Lowered Landrover Lowered Landrover (VW bug chassis/engine with Landrover body)


5 thoughts on “Posts searches and the Internetz

  1. I love looking at the search terms that bring people to my blog too. Some I can figure out but others are just baffling. A couple of days ago I had “inflatable gorilla in a house”. I still cannot fathom how that led anyone to look at my blog.

    • Hmm, Inflatable Gorilla in a house- Not only do I not see that on your blog it’s a curious thing that someone would be searching for in the first place isn’t it? Course now that We’re mentioning it they’ll probablt show up here next 😉

      • Now you’ve done it -Google reports:”About 6,420,000 results ” I guess inflatable Gorillas are more popular then I ever imagined, there’s even a kick starter to build one! Now I must go do something outside to prevent myself from following this rabbit hole further.

      • Wow! I am impressed. You researched way further than I did. I just asked one of my kids to google and see if my blog appeared on the first page of results. But, yes, please do step away from this now.

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