All aboard, The Green Tortoise!

inside the bus

Early morning on the Green Tortoise

Shortly before 8pm on a Friday evening I was dropped off at the Bart Station in Plesanton where I was assured
I’d be picked up by a big green bus! Just before that I recieved a call that the bus had left Downtown San Francisco a little late as a couple of passengers hadn’t shown up. No prob, I had a book to read. I sat down to await the bus. Shortly after eight I began to wonder if I was in the right spot when the unmistakable big green bus pulled in. I hopped aboard leaving my big pack on the floor near the driver I climbed onto a seat and peered into the gloomy interior. The main interior lights were off, and my eyes slowly adjusted to the dim lighting so I could see all the people gathered towards the back of the bus. After nodding and saying hi to the people nearest to me I realized I couldn’t hear much over the sound of the bus and the music being played so I pulled out my book again and began to read. Shortly afterwords though I was urged to join in the group as we began a game of trying to repeat everyone’s name. Since I could barely hear what people were saying I was grateful when they let me off with just stating my own name. Soon we were all laughing and trying to remember everyone else s name. Not much longer after that and it was time to convert the bus to sleep mode.

Normally this is referred to as the miracle as the driver has to miraculously find places for 30 people to sleep, but with only 17 of us on this trip we had more then enough space.

We woke up in a parking lot somewhere near the Nevada/Utah border and after a brief stop for coffee and supplies we were off to Zion! Here we located our campsite before heading out for a hike up to Angels Landing.

We're going up there???

We're going up there???

At the top of the switch backs we stopped to eat lunch before tackling the really impressive part of the trail. It was here I spotted super chipmunk.

Super chipmunk!

Super chipmunk!

Obviously they’ve evolved to survive falls from these tremendous heights. Did I mention that on the next section of trail you had to hold on to sections of chain to keep from plummeting down sheer cliffs?

Holly at the base of Angels landing

Holly at the base of Angels landing

Yes those little teeny dots of color are people clinging to the chain as they make their way up to the top! Somehow we all survived and made it back down as well.
That night after a delicious vegiterian chili dinner we slept out under the stars. Next up Bryce.

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