Black Jack!

In case you were wondering how I went about creating my poker game, I’ve written a complete tutorial

on another simple card game, blackjack

You can read through it here (games by captnemo)

and there’s a zip file to download that contains the files used and a small run-able example.

Any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to let me know and If you make something cool be sure and let me know.

6 thoughts on “BlackJack

  1. Is there a chance you could re upload your link or send the tutorial? i found a version but it has no images and is hard to follow along, looks like a good beginner project to try

      • Found it!, Thank you very much, was pretty entertaining and fun to build.

        I got it working great only having a problem with printing the J Q K, Ive set it up as 13_spade, 013_spade, K_Spade and Im not sure where my mistake it, its worked great with 1-10 then for the letters it just prints a blank spot 😦

        Thanks in advance

      • Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. You’ll want to double check the spelling and capitalization of the image filenames carefully, and make sure they match your code. I checked my original project and the face cards are named J_clubs.jpg K_clubs.jpg Q_clubs J_spades.jpg K_spades.jpg etc. so j_spades.jpg won’t work nor will J_spade.jpg nor will J_spades.jpeg I expect once you’ve found the error it should work. Good luck.

  2. That was it!, Worked like charm! I had the letters in lower case when I tried it that’s why they weren’t showing up.
    Thank you for checking I know the post is a couple years old, so I truly appreciate you going back to check your original code. Cheers!

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