Stebbins cold canyon

Stebbins cold canyon


Tom and Karole invited me to join them and Doug for a hike up the blue ridge loop trail this weekend. We were able to take advantage of the break in the rain we’ve had for the last few weeks and enjoyed beautiful sunshine as we headed out.  It was a great day and the rains had brought out a variety of interesting fungus and mushrooms. We saw some excellent examples of witches butter (Tremella mesenterica) and some strange black mushrooms,  they reminded a little of a morel so I thought they might be a false morel but now I’m fairly certain they were grey saddles (Helvella lacunosa)

witches butter

witches butter


Grey Saddle, Helvella lacunosa

Grey Saddle, Helvella lacunosa


tiny mushrooms

tiny mushrooms-these were only a centimeter or so high.


We passed a family with several young kids walking along with a couple of dogs and a goat! The goat seemed reluctant to cross the stream that was flowing over the trail but the dogs junped right in. We left them urging the goat along and headed up the hill.

A Goat!

Kids on the trail


It’s a nice trail with a lot of steep steps so by the time we emerged ontop of the ridgeline we’d worked up a good appetite. We stopped up at the top to eat lunch and admired the view with turkey vultures wheeling below us.

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture


Then it was time to head down and the rain returned so we donned our rain gear for the hike.

It was only a light sprinkle though so it didn’t dampen our spirits at all. A very enjoyable hike.

Finally we stopped at the dam to enjoy the view before driving home.

view of the dam

view of the dam


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